“Do you have a diabetic foot ulcer and poor circulation in your legs?”

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“Do you have a Diabetic Foot Ulcer and poor circulation in your legs?” If you do, you may qualify to participate in an important research study. Valley Wound Care Specialists’ office has been approved as a study site through the Arizona Research Center in Phoenix. Some of the patient criteria of the study is as follows:

  • Be between 18 and 75 years of age
  • Have type I or type II diabetes with treatment control, with no significant changes anticipated in diabetes medication regimen
  • Have a single foot ulcer present for more than 2 weeks without infection or bone involvement
  • Have a diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease or poor blood flow in the legs

Talk to your doctor today or inquire about the study at your next appointment with us.

To learn more:

Click here for the study’s brochure

Or visit: www.vm202.com


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