At Valley Wound Care Specialists, we perform specialized wound treatments that address any type of wound or cause that you may have. From your head down to your toes, and from the smallest ulcers to the largest of open wounds, we do it all.


Treatments ranging from minor debridement to major tissue excisions, including minor amputations, are performed from the comfort of our in-office surgical suites. In this capacity we can act as an operating room, and offer beneficial cost savings in facility fees and charges.

Allogenic Skin Grafts - Wound Treatments at Valley Wound Care Specialists

We work with several wound graft companies that harvest human skin tissue from organ donors. This type of graft can be cryogenically frozen or preserved and typically stays in place on your wound for one week.


ANKLE-BRACHIAL INDEX / TOE BRACHIAL INDEX - Wound Treatments at Valley Wound Care Specialists

A diagnostic test that helps show us the amount of blood flow to your legs and toes.  This is a vital part of treating wounds in these areas as it can prove difficult to heal tissue that does not have adequate blood supply.  This ultrasound diagnostic test is done in our office.  Depending on the type of test, the visit can take up to 45 minutes but will provide a wealth of information to our clinicians as to the proper course of treatment for you.


AUTOLOGOUS SKIN GRAFTS - Wound Treatments at Valley Wound Care Specialists

An Autologous skin graft is a graft taken from the patient’s own body. This graft can be harvested and placed over your wound to promote healing.

BIO-ENGINEERED SKIN GRAFTING - Wound Treatments at Valley Wound Care Specialists

We work with many different types of biologic skin substitutes and have the ability to place the grafts here in our office. These grafts help in different ways and stay on your wound for one week or more to promote healthy tissue formation.

Biologic Debridement (Maggot Therapy) - Wound Treatments at Valley Wound Care Specialists

Maggot therapy is a type of biotherapy involving the introduction of live, disinfected maggots into the wound to clean out the dead tissue.


CHEMICAL CAUTERIZATION- Wound Treatments at Valley Wound Care Specialists

We have various methods of cauterization depending on the need. Whether it be to control bleeding or reduce hypergranulation tissue, we have many options available.

Compression Therapy - Wound Treatments at Valley Wound Care Specialists

We utilize compression therapy to help control edema or swelling. We keep in stock many different kinds of dressings so that we can match you to the most effective product. We also work with multiple companies that specialize in providing you long-term, custom-fitted compression stockings for your use after you are healed and no longer in need of wound care services.

Debridement - Wound Treatments at Valley Wound Care Specialists

Specializing in subcutaneous, muscle, and bone debridement our staff are highly trained in this process. Debridement of a wound is a treatment where unhealthy tissue is removed from your wound to promote healing and is a key factor in “tricking” those chronic wounds to start healing. We perform debridement right in our office and have a variety of anesthetics available to make the process as pain-free as possible. Our staff is very concerned with ensuring your comfort throughout any procedure.


HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY - Wound Treatments at Valley Wound Care Specialists

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO) is a specialized treatment that helps provide your wound with extra oxygen by helping the blood flow throughout your body. Often, as we age, the blood flow to our tissues decreases. This is especially true of our legs and feet as they are the furthest from our body. These are important factors in healing wounds. The use of HBO increases the perfusion to these tissues which can speed up your healing process.

MIST THERAPY - Wound Treatments at Valley Wound Care Specialists

UltraMIST Therapy® is a painless, non-contact, low-frequency ultrasound delivered through a fluid mist to the wound bed. Unlike most wound therapies that are limited to treating the wound surface, the energy continues to travel below the wound surface. It helps reduce pain and inflammation and helps heals wounds faster.


In-Office Antibiotic infusion Therapy - Wound treatment

We offer in-office antibiotic infusion therapy to our patients. We currently infuse Orbactiv which treats adult patients with certain acute bacterial skin structure infections.


In-Office Ultrasounds - Wound Treatments

Valley Wound Care Specialists offers comprehensive in-office ultrasound services to our patients, often same day, eliminating the need for another appointment or another facility. We have several different types of diagnostic ultrasound equipment to help improve outcomes and the overall patient experience with Valley Wound Care Specialists.

In-Office Wound Reconstructive Surgery - Wound Treatments

Our in-office surgical suite is able to offer an alternative place of service to a hospital operating room or out-patient surgery setting, as well as a much lower out of pocket responsibility to our patients. Some of the procedures we perform in our in-office surgical suite are flap reconstructions, excisions, tissue advancements, and minor amputations.

NEGATIVE PRESSURE THERAPY - Wound Treatments at Valley Wound Care Specialists

Negative-pressure wound therapy (NPWT) is a therapeutic technique using a vacuum dressing to promote healing in acute or chronic wounds.

PLACENTAL BASED BIO-ENGINEERED SKIN GRAFTS - Wound Treatments at Valley Wound Care Specialists

These tissue grafts are composed of cells from the placental or amniotic membrane of healthy organ donors. The grafts are composed of layers of amnion and/or amnion and chorion.


TOTAL CONTACT CASTING - Wound Treatments at Valley Wound Care Specialists

Total contact casting (TCC) is a specially designed cast to take weight off of the foot (off-loading).


WOUND DRESSINGS - Wound Treatments at Valley Wound Care Specialists

We have hundreds of dressing types and we will match you and your wound to the right dressing. From hydrocolloids to hydrogels, we have one to benefit your wound and promote healthy healing.



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